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About Us

Oxygen infusion is the only product with 95% pure oxygen content, and it purifies and rejuvenates skin through an exclusive and patented technology. Best product to give skin a revitalized, and refreshed appearance .


Why using Oxygen Infusion?

  1. Great product with excellent result

  2. Great ROI (Return on Investment) you can get over 30 treatments, each treatment will cost you less than $1.70

  3. Convenient to carry or to store

  4. Easy to use just shake and spray on the skin

  5. Made in USA we make the product here in southern California




Instead of carrying bulky oxygen machines which you need to clean the hand piece all the time you can buy one of our products and use it on your clients. Our customers love the result please join us and become one of our happy clients.

Please call or email us with any question regarding our products.

Phone: 1.800.418.0830



Please contact us for wholesale pricing at

Phone: 1.800.418.0830


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